First human brain chip implanted by Elon Musk’s Neuralink


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Elon Musk revealed that the first person to receive an implant from his Neuralink company—which connects a computer to the brain—has done so.

He claims the patient is recuperating nicely from the implant. The billionaire further stated that he hoped “Telepathy”—a product—would one day enable people with disabilities, like Stephen Hawking, to “communicate faster than an auctioneer.”

An implant that helps a paralysed man stand and walk normally was described by Swiss researchers in the journal Nature last year. The implant does this by reestablishing communication between the brain and spinal cord.

“Neuralink implanted its first human yesterday, and the person is recuperating nicely. Early findings indicate a promising neuron spike detection system. Promising neuron spike detection is seen in the initial results, the user wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

The goal of neurallink technology is to enable mental interactions between a human and a computer.

An important step towards the start-up’s goal of helping patients overcome paralysis and a variety of neurological conditions was reached last year when the US Food and Drug Administration approved the company to carry out its first trial to test its implant on humans. Neuralink announced in September that it had been given the go-ahead to begin recruiting participants for the human experiment.

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