Fella Makafui is no more my wife, we are co-parenting – Medikal reveals


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Rapper Medikal has disclosed that he is no longer married to actress and businesswoman Fella Makafui.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, March 30, Medikal said that the actress is now his baby mother and that they are currently sharing custody of their daughter, Island Frimpong.

The rapper responded with a tweet to a post on X that identified Fella Makafui as Medikal’s spouse.

“Fella is no more my wife, she is my Baby mother, we are co- parenting now and it’s all good,” Medikal tweeted.

Several fans have expressed shock over the couple’s divorce, and he has since become trending on X.

Although none of them publicly acknowledged it, there were many rumours about their breakup around this time last year.

The quiet regarding their breakup appears to have been broken, though, by Medikal’s tweet.

According to checks, the couple has also unfollowed one another on Instagram, and Fella Makafui has changed her username to no longer include Mrs. Frimpong.

Medikal also revealed in a post on X on Saturday, March 30 that Fella Makafui had blocked him.

In an attempt to emphasise that “God knows I have done my best,” Medikal stated last year that marriage is not for creatives like him and alluded to a potential divorce.

In 2020, the couple wed in a lavish ceremony and welcomed their daughter, Island Frimpong, who will turn four this August.

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