Fashion retail makes its mark in Roy Morgan’s most trusted brand list


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In Roy Morgan’s ranking for the most trusted brands spanning the twelve months leading to September 2023, fashion retailers and brands make their mark. Australian fashion retail store Myer has secured the seventh spot in the list. Roy Morgan, an independent Australian entity specialising in social, political market research, and public opinion statistics, hosts the Trusted Brand Awards.

These honour exceptional companies and brands across various industries, spotlighting the high levels of trust these entities command in comparison to their competitors within their specific categories.

Another prominent player, Big W, a chain of discount department stores, initially held the seventh spot but has slipped two places, maintaining a position within the top ten most trusted brands at number nine. This places it ahead of Australia Post, positioned tenth, and behind Toyota, which advanced by two spots.

Among the top ten, Kmart stands as a fashion retailer in the list, steadfastly occupying fifth place, leading ahead of Apple and trailing closely behind Aldi. Meanwhile, Bunnings, an Australian hardware giant, disrupted the dominance of supermarkets, surpassing Coles to claim the second spot as the most trusted brand, with Woolworths, the largest chain of supermarkets in Australia, securing the top position.

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