Celebrating 10 years of Komla Dumor after his demise (Video)


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It has been ten years since the premature death of Komla Afeke Dumor, a journalistic icon whose influence and memory endures.

The renowned Ghanaian journalist who presented Focus on Africa as the lead presenter for BBC World News and worked for the network, made a lasting impression on the world of journalism.

Komla dumor, who was well-known for his eloquent on-screen persona and perceptive reporting, opened up the world of international news by connecting African stories to a wider audience. His captivating narratives and profound comprehension of the problems confronting the continent established him as a reputable figure, garnering him recognition and a devoted audience.

Dumor was praised for his warmth and humanity in addition to his accomplishments in his career. His contagious laughter and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity are what his colleagues remember about him.

The former Joy FM Super Morning Show host from Accra, Ghana, passed away on January 18, 2014, in London, United Kingdom, from cardiac arrest. She subsequently joined the BBC. Although his passing left many people grieving, the Komla Dumor Foundation, which supports young African journalists and strives for excellence in the field, continues to carry on his legacy.

On the tenth anniversary of his death, Komla Afeke Dumor is remembered as a gifted journalist and a representation of the ability of narrative to bridge cultural divides. His legacy serves as a reminder that even though time passes, a committed journalist’s influence can linger and continue to shape our perception of the world for years to come. He leaves behind his father, Professor Ernest Dumor, his three children, and his wife, Mrs. Kwansema Dumor.

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