Be a leader who is concerned about his people, Saddick Adams to Akufo Addo


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Saddick Adams, a celebrated sports journalist, is also referred to as Obama has requested that Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo give sports in the nation top priority and implement workable plans to boost athletics.

The well-known sports journalist claims that, with proper management, sports represent one of the main tourist opportunities for the country to increase its revenue.

Saddick Adams challenged Nana Addo to be a good leader who is concerned about Ghana’s development in a statement posted on his X account.

“Act with dignity as a leader who is concerned about the nation’s reputation. He wrote, “One of the main tourist destinations is football.”

Additionally, he urged the president to direct the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Mustapha Ussif, to publicly apologise to the Ghanaian people for their appalling performance at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Ivory Coast.

“Assign your minister of sports to direct the GFA to apologise to the fans and the entire country for the embarrassment,” he continued.

The 2018 Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) sports journalist of the year commented on the five-member committee that the GFA formed to find a new coach for the Black Stars, the Ghanaian national team, saying that the committee should be dissolved because it is pointless.

He said Nana Addo ought to “be a leader! Do not reward ineptitude and promote mediocrity. The Ghanaian standard has never been that. The two most terrible AFCON campaigns in our history have followed under your rule. DISMISS that fraudulent committee before they have a chance to embark on their pointless journey.

“With all due respect, disband the committee responsible for finding a new coach for the Black Stars.” Our taxes will be used to pay thousands of dollars to the next coach. According to Saddick Adams.

Dear @NAkufoAddo

With all due respect, dissolve the committee that is to search for a new Black Stars coach.

The next coach will be paid thousands of dollars with our taxes.

Respectfully ACT as a leader who cares about the image of the country.

Football is one of the biggest tourism avenues. Instruct your minister of sports to instruct the GFA to issue an apology to the entire nation and fans for the embarrassment.

Hold on with the search and get a caretaker manager for the team.

Demand an emergency technical and management report and budget of the AFCON and get neutral experts to properly investigate and appreciate the ills of the campaign.

Be a leader! Do not encourage mediocrity and be rewarding incompetence. That has never been the Ghanaian standard.

Your reign has characterized two successive most disastrous AFCON campaigns in our entire history.

DISSOLVE that sham of a committee before they even start the walk to no where.

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